Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Days Ahead

Today I was just thinking about the future. What it's going to be like to have a baby (can't wait!). We are almost set up for business here, in Mount Joy. Using the term business very loosely by the way. Mike has almost all the necessary tools for being a full time lamp-worker. His niche is pendants and beads currently, but will rapidly expand to other goods, I'm sure.

I have been building an inventory of knitted goods, mainly for the local community. So far, it's a white bag filled with tiny crocheted hats and knitted soakers. More coming everyday. I'll put up pictures soon. Our goal is to provide soakers for the locals in Mount Joy and our friends who don't want to pay the typical $30 each. Especially since you need about a dozen or more per diapering baby. That gets quite expensive. Currently, I'm using 100% wool yarn, for maximum absorbency. Today, I will be experimenting with making wool liners too.

It's really a beautiful day. Even though the sun isn't out, the birds are singing so beautifully and hopping about the lawn, eating off the buffet of newly flooded out earthworms. The baby is hiccuping, kicking and jumping around in my belly. Abby sleeps on the floor beside the couch. It's cool but comfortable. Perfect day.

Pictures coming soon. Lynays Handcrafts, coming July of 2010.

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