Thursday, July 1, 2010

Need Prayers

Yesterday morning Janet (Mike's mom) had a brain anneurism and is in Lancaster General Hospital.  She was taken into surgery by 4 pm and out at around 6 pm.  Since the anneurism at 9:30 or 10 am, she has been unconscious and we are praying for a miracle to bring her back.  During the surgery, there was a rupture and she also had two strokes.  
Almost two years ago, her mom experienced an almost identical but slightly less severe anneurism on the opposite side of the brain.  Janette was in the hospital for months and doesn't remember much of it, but has made a nearly full recovery and is even back to work.  Janet has two sons other than Mike ages 9 and 11 and a loving husband.  They all need prayers and she needs a good healing.  Then next few days are critical and we will be helping to take care of the boys while their dad is in the hospital with Janet.  Everything is on hold right now in our lives.  Please send positive vibes for strength for the whole family (immediate and more distant.)  She has a lot of people who love her.  Yesterday in the waiting room outside the surgery ward, there were almost 40 or 50 people.  The surgeon came out and was stumbling over his words saying "Are you all here for Janet?"  So everyone needs encouragement and help during these hard times.  Janet is only 47 years old.  Her birthday is in September.  Here she is with her first grand child, just what she wanted, after three boys, a beautiful girl.  Naomi's middle name is Jane, after Janette and Janet.  

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