Saturday, March 26, 2011

...Calm in the Midst...

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We abruptly arrived in Lancaster, by way of train, on Thursday evening, to help out our family. We will be here indefinitely. Everything is okay, but Jack and his twin brother Jim need prayer. They are both struggling with some depression and anxiety issues. Jim has been hospitalized and Jack is being closely monitored by family, friends and his siblings. We are in contact with his doctor, who is in the process of possibly changing his medication. The current medication doesn't seem to be helping much. He has been taking it regularly, as he should.

The boys are doing very well and are very positive. They are at their uncle/aunt and cousin's for the weekend.

Any prayer would be much appreciated during these hard times. We are trying to maintain a very calm and peaceful environment here in the house. Jack is responding very well to the calm-quiet-love and peace of family and friends.


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