Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crawling Measley

Crawling Measley...I never expected to say that my kid has the Measles. I thought the Measles died off with the Great Depression or something. I don't know why the invention of a vaccine caused me to believe it didn't exist anymore, but nonetheless, we've got it! Naomi has been so great.

We don't do vaccines. It was an easy choice to make. I am not vaccinated, so why would I vaccinate my child? My health record is pretty stellar, I would say. And I generally attribute it to having not had my vaccines. There's a lot of evidence they actually make you susceptible to a whole world of ailments. Mike has been vaccinated. Matt has too. They are great. However, that small chance of side effects isn't worth it to me.

Mom & Dad said that all of us kids, spare Matt who had his vaccines, had the measles. Once you get it, you don't get it again. It's good to get over with when they're little, too. So we've got a play date arranged to see if we can get some of our friend's children sick with the Measles while they're little. That's two people that have suggested to me that I should bring my kid over to get their kid sick! I love the community that Measles sparks! :)

Yesterday was Chase & Hunter's opening day for the baseball season. Both of their teams won, and while Chase was making a run, Naomi began to crawl! She was in the grass, with one knee under her and the other leg straight out. In just a few minutes, she started to crawl with both legs straight out behind her. It's pretty funny looking, but I'm so excited to have a crawler!

Here's a picture dump by the way. Hope you guys like it! Pictures of our Spring Plants, gardens, wild edibles & medicinals, Mika, Mika glass blowing.

Love you all &  lynays

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