Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Emerson Series Official Launch

The Emerson Series 
NOW ON SALE!!!   Released June 10, 2011 : Click the Picture Above

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showcase, the Emerson Series reflects some of
Ralph Waldo Emerson's most renowned poems.  All the pendants were named
after and photographed with their respectable passages.

Poems paired with pendants include the titles:
056.JPGEros (Silence)
Give All To Love
Give Me Truths
The Apology
The Days Ration
Thine Eyes Still Shined
The Amulet
Word and Deed
Ode to Beauty

 Below is a tasting of the pendant's namesake: Give Me Truths (Blight)


213.JPG"Give me truths,
For I am weary of the surfaces,
And die of inanition. If I knew
Only the herbs and simples of the wood,
Rue, cinquefoil, gill, vervain, and pimpernel,
Blue-vetch, and trillium, hawkweed, sassafras,
Milkweeds, and murky brakes, quaint pipes and sundew,
And rare and virtuous roots, which in these woods
Draw untold juices from the common earth,
Untold, unknown, and I could surely spell
Their fragrance, and their chemistry apply
By sweet affinities to human flesh,
Driving the foe and stablishing the friend,—
O that were much, and I could be a part
Of the round day, related to the sun,
And planted world, and full executor
Of their imperfect functions. ..."

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