Friday, August 12, 2011

Ahem, ahem, is this thing on?

So you see it?  Do you see the new layout?  I suppose you do.  Anyway, we just unveiled our new official logo and image (done by the one and only amazing graphic artist Mikael) for lynays, as well as combining it with the technical info on Heirloom Identity.  Our page has been in limbo as we unroll these image stabilizers.  Now we have one.  Hooray!  Sorry, by the way, if you got like 20 emails from us saying that we posted a new post yesterday.  Wups!  Hope it didn't bother you guys too much.  There's a lot rolling around the pipes right now.  Let me update you on it all.

We are about to unveil a video detailing a trip we will be taking this winter around the eastern and mid western part of the country and all of the details surrounding it.  Also in the video, you'll get a taste of some conspiring* friends, our bigger vision with what lynays is, what we hope it will be and a new sub-project that we pray will be a blessing to a bunch of people.  Keep posted for the video, it should be out sometime around the 23rd of August. 

It's been really apparent that it is time to move forward with our vision.  You may not know this, but lynays was born over the 4th of July week in the back of a truck in Northern New York in 2009!  I know.  Hard to believe.  But it's so much more than a blog, and our online store.  It's our ministry and you'll see why soon.  So we're getting serious and organizing our paperwork as it should be as well as stepping out to do some adventures and outreach that we really feel we are supposed to do.  I can't explain why, but it feels like something.

Pray for us and our mission in the future and guidance that we will honor Him in it all.

By the way, one of my bestest friends gave birth to a  most beautiful little girl this last week.   The baby's name is Ziva.  Congratulations Britney and Azariah (spelling?, sorry!).  Hope to see you soon!  Get lots and lots of rest...for the next 3 months.

And we will be changing a few things on the blog to make it easier to use, and look up old articles.  While you're waiting for all the excitement, check out our new tabs above!

Peace, Love & Lynay-s Forever

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