Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whirlwind and Great News

I know, it has been a while.  Since the last time we blogged, Grace started a 40 hr/week class, we had a flood, Feast of Tabernacles and all the other life happenings haven't stopped either.  It's been so wonderful!  Not much time for blogging however.  Let's start this off with the good news...

Lynay-s is a featured local artist in the Silver Moon Gallery at Park City Mall (Lancaster, PA). Check out the store's website:

We currently have four pendants on display, and will be delivering many more within the next few weeks.    It's a great blessing to be on display with such fine artists local and national, we couldn't be more thankful!  If you're at Park City sometime soon, make sure to stop in and find our stuff!  You'll see our business card beside our display.

Feast of Tabernacles was a blast.  It was so uplifting, inspiring and full of the Great Spirit!  I've never felt anything like it in any years previously.  We were overwhelmed with joy and blessings.  Mike and I were the youth leaders for ages 12+ and had 27-30 kids in our group.  It was a handful, but so fun!  Pictures soon...

 Hurricane Lee dumped 10-20 inches of rain on Lancaster County.  We are already WAY over our records for this year and are forecasted to get 6-12 inches of SNOW TONIGHT...Before November 1st!  I've been warning our snow crew of a wet and blizzardy winter.  Now they'll see why.  The tides off the coast of Washington and California predict it perfectly every year.  Back to Lee, however... 

A few feet of water in the basement, lost a lot of stuff, but haven't felt better!  We can fit all our possessions in the van now.  It is so liberating!!!

We were blessed to receive funding for a new guitar from our fellowship family and gifts from friends and family as well.  The love of the Father truly provides. The insurance covered the house's heating system. 

It took me a while to write this, it is now snowing and coming down at around an inch an hour.  A baseball sized snowflake just fell on our windshield!  Going down to Smoketown because Mike is on call tonight and we want to be ready to bunk before the roads get super bad.  Already have over an inch and it looks like it may be 6-11 more inches.  Again, NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET.  :)

Peace, Love, lynays

More later

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