Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Demo Release and Return

We arrived safely in Pennsylvania on Monday.  Playing at Eaton Rapids was a great experience.  Seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing lots of music put us on a buzz that lasted quite a while and is still ringing now.  There was a great turnout.  Our many thanks to everyone at Eaton Rapids for their help and assistance, to everyone who came, to  for partnering with us and our huge thanks to the Father who got us there and back!

Now available on and is our new diy demo (just until we get in the studio for real).  You can download the songs on ReverbNation and can stream them on both ReverbNation and Grooveshark.

Also in the News arena is our new name:  Come To Call , the official name of our band.  The demo is called "Demos For Friends".  Our tour is called The Water Can Tour, and the Water Can is our current logo.  Just to keep you all up to speed.  On Grooveshark, it is temporarily named The Water Can (the artist).  We'll be working on that glitch.

We'll be on the road again for our second show in three weeks.  All the dates are as follows, we will be playing smaller venues between these more official ones.  We'll update on where and when we will be places:
December 17th- Rocheport, MO
December 24th- Cisco, TX
December 31st- Augusta, GA
January 7th- Virginia Beach, VA
January 14th- Bronx, NY
January 20th- VT

Stay posted

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