Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank You

There are so many wonderful people in our lives who bless us in so many ways. We sometimes get so caught up with our daily routines and duties that we forget about those who are closest to us. Our lives would be truly empty if it were not for the people that we interact with every day. We would not be able to travel and share what the Father has blessed us with if it were not for the blessings we receive from others. We sometimes forget to say these things, but we pray that it never be forgotten.
We can see the Father all around us. He is in every living thing. He is the air that we breath, He is the breath in our lungs, He is the blood in our veins, He is the Light in the sky, He is the Wind in our hair, He is time itself, He is our newborn baby, He is the love in our hearts, He is the stream of pure flowing water, He is the work in our hands, He is the thoughts in our mind, He is the word in our heart, He is the word on our lips, He is the bread that gives life, He is Alive.

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