Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walts Bicycle, Fitness and Wilderness Company

On the road again, sitting outside a cool store: Walt's Wilderness. To Arkansas to see cave paintings and soak in hot springs. 
This night will probably look something like this:  Drive a little, hang out, take a nap, play some music, take another nap, drive some more, hang out in the Ozarks by morning!!!! 
We've had a great time in Rocheport, hanging out with old and new friends.  Wonderful people!  It's been a blast! Thanks to all who've welcomed us.  It's been great sharing about the necessity to home-roast your own coffee.  I know we've convinced some of the taste difference!  Why does everyone always say we look like we use herbs and eat organic?  Ha ha. Well I guess we do.  Maybe we smell like garlic (which we do).  Roasted a pound of coffee beans this morning and are sipping h-h-high quality COfe (H2O). :)
Sorry there's no pictures.  We've got no camera.  Or else I'd be sharing some amazing sights.  :(

Lydia says "When you're traveling with Mike and Grace, be prepared for ANYTHING.  I wish I would've brought toilet paper.!"


  1. Tell lydia ther is a leaf for that... :-) Just not the kind with 3 leaves together.... lol A few extra sheet in the glove box every time you stop at a rest area makes for a nice emergency stash, AND a great suprise for mom when she gets to drive the truck.lol

  2. You guys look like you take herbs and eat organic!!