Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making Musical Memories: Teshuva

We met Angela before she married Sam and before we heard her music.  She was so sweet and has been through a lot.  Their new LP has five great songs and five great videos on youtube.  We have enjoyed listening to them immensely.  This week's featured music is:


Teshuva is a husband/wife duo which started the moment they met in 2009. Without knowing it, they were both heading in the same direction and divine timing was bringing them together. "We both love sound, creativity and the Creator, YHWH" say Sam and Angela. After getting Betrothed and then married in 2010 they turned their attention to music. "We love playing music and want to share this journey with our family and friends wherever we go." Teshuva works to find the perfect blend between technical sound and memorable melodies. The name Teshuva came from a dream during their first pregnancy which ended in miscarriage. In the dream Angela felt this babies' name was Teshuva. After looking it up, they found that Teshuva is the Hebrew word for repentance or rather, a turning. "Fitting for the band" they say "as we both love Israel and know humanity needs to turn to the truth found in the Bible. We hope Teshuva's message can find a balance between purity and creative artistic expression." 

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