Friday, February 3, 2012

Etsy: Who We Are, Where We're Going!

With news on the horizon, we bring you an announcement of our online store!  Lynays Handcrafts is now an art Co-op with four separate artists contributing their hand-crafted beauties of screen-prints, block-prints, glassblowing, knitting and we will be announcing new partnerships in the near future.  The goal is to create and share top-quality art at affordable prices.  In case you're unfamiliar with our arts focus, here is some information on Mike and Grace, the original Lynays artists.

Mika the glass blower, husband, papa and a la carte artist.  Grace the business person, wire wrapper, photographer, marketer, wife and mama.  Naomi the baby.
            In a second story studio in the hills of New Hampshire, Mike is at his work station surrounded by tools and rods of borosilicate glass and tubes.  His flame reaches toward a sky of mountains and winds and is filtered out through a three-fan ventilator.  His kiln rests on the counter behind him.  Oxygen and propane are feeding the flame. 
            Grace is a few feet away, downstairs, usually doing research, learning, editing, playing with Naomi, wire wrapping, knitting, playing music, taking photos or blogging. 
             The background is filled with inspiring music.  To find out what inspires us lately follow our blog. 

        Our faith in the heavenly father Yahweh (the Hebrew name for the Creator, the Great Spirit) carries us all the way.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Inspiration.  We could call ourselves transcendentalists/naturalists.  Thoreau and Emerson are huge influences.  May the light spread like wildfire!

     >Our Wholesale Line<
              We sell pendants without a cord or necklace, unless otherwise noted.  These are pieces for your creation!  If you would like us to braid it (macrame) onto hemp or on a chain, it costs $2.50 extra per single string, chain, or ribbon or $5.00 extra per fully braided necklace.  Just send us a convo and we will be glad to assist your needs.
              All vintage items are bought locally and we guarantee that they are 100% vintage. 
       >Wire Wrapped<
              Our wire wrapped items are all either handmade, or hand foraged in sustainable ways in order to keep the earth in its natural balance.

If your piece breaks honestly, we will replace it for you no questions asked whatsoever.  The replacement will be chosen.  Due to the handmade factor, we can not guarantee it would be exactly the same.

 Borosilicate is durable glass and is not fragile. We have dropped a glass pendant on pavement while selling it and it didn't break, even more impressing the customer, who then bought it.


peace, love, lynays

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