Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Pack with a Toddler

How to pack your belongings with a toddler around:

1. Get tape and box. Fold Box
2. Look for tape.  Tell your toddler to bring it back, which they do very well. 
3. Start to load boxes, get sidetracked with something miniscule, come back to it...
4.  Tell your toddler to pick everything up and put it back in the box.  Which they don't do really well, because it was all arranged in just a way that it fit. 
5.  Re-pack the first box and start to load the second box.  Get into the groove.  Things are getting done. 
6.  Take your toddler to the bathroom where you're reminded of things you missed. 
7.  Start packing things in the bathroom.  Where's...
8.  Yell for your toddler.  Nothing.  Go and look for your toddler.  Still nothing.  Go outside, follow the trail of once-packed belongings and find  your toddler climbing the neighbors deck stairs.  Yell at her to come back.  She's suddenly hard of hearing.  Must be a quick bug going around.  Yell at her in Spanish.  Snap.  Whistle.  Bull whip noise.  Air horn.  Here she comes, after the neighbor quietly tells her to listen to her mama. 
9.  Get her inside.  Shut the door that she can't open.  Re-pack all the stuff she took outside. 
10.  Time to eat.
11.  Lay her down for a nap.
12.  Finish packing.  Get some cleaning done.  Make some coffee.  Write a blog post.
13.  Wakes up. 
14.  Decide you're done for the day and you'll deal with all the newly strewn stuff when it's time to load in the truck. 

Life is so great.  Sometimes we just laugh and laugh.  Can never take yourself too seriously with a little one around.  They'll get right in your face when you least expect it with their eyes open wide, eyebrows arched as high as the sky and say "K?  Mommy, k?"  (okay)

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  1. Silly... To pack and get something done starts with make box, cut holes in the sides and let toddler play in the fort while you pack... :-)