Thursday, May 17, 2012

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We enjoy the news.  When I check it I rarely find anything interesting.  Today was a little different.  See for yourself:

If You Want To Live Longer Drink Coffee

Now I like the sound of this.  Justify my habit, India Times.  What's next?

New Xulon Book Addresses Mysteries Deriving from the Bible

Interesting to say the least, did you read her bio at the bottom?  Can this be real?  Hmmm....

Fructose Makes Rats Dumber UCLA Study

Well, we've known this for years.  Princeton and UCLA want to finally release some true information to the media.  Yup yup.  As the article said, don't just kick hfcs, kick all white sugar and even juice.  It's all unnaturally high in sugar.  It's terrible for you.
"...Rodent studies have found that the sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and blood-fat disturbances.  Human studies suggest that when consumed in large amounts it raises blood triglycerides and cause the liver to become more sluggish in responding to insulin.
And now the brain."
 "Gomez-Pinilla pointed us to a Princeton study that found rats gained more weight on high-fructose corn syrup than they did on table sugar. They also built up more abdominal fat and had higher blood triglyceride levels."
Last but not least another Coffee story.  Coffee + Telekinesis = The BrainGate2 Neural Interface System
sign me up. 

Paralyzed Woman Moves Robotic Arm Using Thought Alone

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