Sunday, May 20, 2012

On A Walk Picture Blog Part 1

On a walk around our abode in New Hampshire.  Decided to share what our eyes could see.  You never know what impromptu adventures can come of a simple walk.  We will miss the crystal clear mountain waters and the glistening sandy dirt.  We will miss humble and practical housing not too close together.  We will really miss knowing so many people in a very unique community in New Hampshire!  It has been so incredible to live here.  Maybe we'll retire here. ; )

And finally...the busy center of our little town.  See the church?  The General Store?  The Library and Tax Collectors Office (just below) and the building that looks like a church that's not?  All the white ones...yep that is our town.  So sad to go.  

That's our town, but wait, there's Part 2.  Stay Tuned.

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