Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Months Along

Only 4 months along and this baby is already doing impressive gymnastics.  I first felt the baby at 9 weeks!  Then it was already quickening by 15 weeks.  Now we are 16 weeks and I can lay and watch my belly jump up and down (ALL DAY).  It's unreal! 

This thing is moving like I can't believe.  I didn't feel Naomi until she was 22 weeks along.  She didn't quicken until 24 weeks.  We didn't see her tumbling in the womb (from the outside) until after 7 months.  Even then she only had a few active times a day.  This one is going on and on.  I love it! 

They say that if you are thin then you will feel the movements a little earlier.  I was the same size as when I got pregnant with Naomi, but I haven't gained as much weight (about 10+ pounds less with this one) in the first trimester so maybe that's why I can feel it earlier.  Plus I'm experienced now and know what to look for.  However, that doesn't account for the belly jumping an inch every second.

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  1. Awww, Lookin good Gracie! I love Nomies art on the door! lol I'll see you guys tomorrow.