Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breakfast on the back porch has become one of our favorite traditions.  The day was serene, yesterday.  It rained from sun up to sun down.  We got a lot done.  Housecleaning, card-making, tending the garden, doing research, knitting and crocheting.  It was a productive day.  The cherry on top was really after the sun went down.  It wasn't quite bedtime, and definitely no fun to be sitting in the house.  So we went on a walk with Abby at about 11 pm.  Today, the sun has come out.  The germinating seeds in the garden and in our containers are going to love this!  Yesterday we added bell peppers and grapes to our pots.  Total, we have grapes, bell peppers, cayenne peppers, jamaican red peppers, catnip, true lavendar and strawberries in containers, and bright lights swiss chard and dwarf kale in the garden.  We've also got a habanero pepper plant and three tomato plants freshly planted in the garden.  Of our past plantings, there's a beautiful red lima bean stalk coming up, two radishes and a swiss chard seedling poking through.  Dinner two nights ago was filled with red russian kale clippings and swiss chard clippings.  Some fresh harvested cilantro from the herb box and dill gave us some good eating on our giant tacos, Mike calls them.

Here's to another day!
A few of our containers:

Some homemade cards:


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