Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's been ecstasy.  Living.  We've got three weeks left until the next full moon which is when I predict the baby will be here.  It could always be later, but it's very possible to happen then.  Mike and I have been enjoying discovering life for the first time every moment.  Tom Brown, author of various survival books, and Henry David Thoreau, not to mention the Scriptures, have been so inspiring and moving lately.  The other night we had one of the most impressive lightning storms.  The bolts would explode overhead into a many thousand-branched-tree from one horizon to the other.  No fireworks have or could have ever compared.  We felt the electricity.  Mike sat in the rain and felt it soak his skin through.  Feeling, seeing and hearing truly is an experience I highly recommend!  Just sitting, waiting for the storm to arrive, we were bitten by mosquitoes and let them feast.  We didn't direct the mosquitoes to feast on us, something higher, grander did and what authority or power do we have to tell them no?  To take their lives or push them away? 

This picture was taken by Mike's mom.  It's so great.  I believe her phone died immediately afterward.  But this pretty much sums up what the last two months has been like.  Blessed.

Some random notes:  ~Sour grass is my new favorite food.  More on that later.  ~Mike's lamp-working studio will be up and running in no time.  So look for beads and pennants on Etsy sometime in the near future. ~ Thank you very much, to our very first customer!  What a blessing!  ~We are almost totally set up to have the baby.  Just need to pre-wash the diapers and covers.  ~Matt has been around, and what a joy!  We're so proud of him everyday.  ~The garden is doing great.  The rabbits love eating our beanstalks.  Hopefully they will be smart and let them grow a little more and then they'll really have some serious food to eat, we will too. 

Until next time...choose to love every moment.  After all, to have joy means to feel constant inner ecstasy.  And it seems to be a commandment to have joy. 

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