Thursday, June 10, 2010

9 Months

It's getting closer and closer!  A traditional doc would've given us a due date of June 21st, that's only 11 days away!!!!  WOW.  The full moon is the 28th.  Our latest possible date is July 12th.  That's only 30 or so days away.  The baby is moving more than ever and really getting cramped in there.  I can tell because it's foot pokes out my side about a dozen times an hour.  Ha ha.  Baby gets the hiccups about 2 to 3 times per day.  When Mike puts his ear to the belly he can hear the heartbeat.  Last night it was 152 bpm.  Today I called Beth so I could get my hear her baby making noises.  Little Joanna obediently cried for me and I think I teared up!  :)  We've been having Braxton Hicks contractions since May 27th.  I got them for about 30 seconds at first, just once a day.  Every day it has increased bit by bit.  Now, they are lasting about 10 minutes once a day or 5 minutes twice a day.  I had a really strong one on the night of the Full Moon. 

Today was gorgeous.  Very sunny.  Breezy and beautiful.  It's been so rainy and stormy lately.  We transplanted a bunch of bell peppers, cayenne pepper plants and put a fence up around the garden to keep the bunnies out.  They ate about 10 of my beet plants to the ground!  THEY'RE SO FAT!  Then one of them got creamed by a car.  The other one started munching on my Bright Lights Swiss Chard, and that's it!  No more.  So bunny protector is up.  I've lost WAY too many plants to them this year. 

The pictures aren't great quality because we don't have our battery charger for the camera.  We've lost it somewhere.  Here is our, should I say?  9 month pregnant belly picture!  Our midwives, Katie and Lydia are coming on Monday with the birth kit, because it's time to have it on hand!  We are planning a home-birth. 

By the way, we feel great.  Everyone keeps asking how we feel.  So you don't have to ask, we feel VERY WONDERFUL.  Can't wait to have this baby naturally and in our loving, peaceful home. 


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