Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a surprise.  No it wasn't the baby, but close.  It was a baby shower.  It only rained for a few minutes.  The rest of the day was really nice.  The baby shower was a HUGE surprise, I couldn't breathe I was so shocked. 

Check out the spread!

The cradle that Mike's Great Grandfather made for him by hand in 1984 before he was born.  Now given to our baby.
 What a great moment between the grandmato be and her son!
The baby's dresser, new clothes, diaper bag etc.  Thank you everyone!
Above are a few of the things waiting for the arrival...The boxes and bag to the left are none other than the birthing pool and our birthing kit dropped off today by our beautiful midwives when we had our prenatal checkup.  They're so dear!  There's all kinds of things in here...hose, fittings, duck thermometer, things to keep the house clean during the birth.  We are so excited and just praising the Father every moment for the gift of a baby and always giving us hope to live by.

Thank you everyone!  For putting together a great shower and being there with us to share in the joy!

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