Friday, June 18, 2010

What to do with a messed up meringue...

Had some egg whites with a tiny bit of yolk in it...well after about an hour and a half of processing and troubleshooting, I knew it was hopeless.  So, we added in our not yet done pie dough ingredients (for a lemon meringue pie), some melted butter, a cup of peanut butter, three tablespoons of vanilla, a cup of crushed walnuts, milk and almond bark.  Poured mixture into cake pans, topped with almond bark, baked it at 350 for 35 minutes and VOILA!!! A pretty darn good cake.  It's very dense, like a cornbread and moist.  Makes a fine treat. 
Make some banana frosting with confectioners sugar, or as I am doing, a cooked version:
equal parts Milk, Butter, Sugar, a pinch of salt, a tad of flour for thickening and a bit of vanilla, an assortment of your favorite sweet spices and finally, a crushed up banana or two.  Maybe I'll throw in some walnuts to top it off. 

In saucepan add part of the milk to flour and stir to make smooth paste. Add remaining milk. Cook, stirring constantly, over medium heat until mixture boils and thickens. Cool.

Cream butter using medium speed of electric mixer.
Gradually add sugar and salt; beat well. Add cooled milk mixture. Beat until light and fluffy; add vanilla. Frosts a two layer cake.

NOTE:  This turned out more like a blondie, so we're going to make a caramel sauce to top it off with and get some vanilla ice cream, add it all together and eat up!

Mike's got his setup almost 100% and has been making lots of penants at home this week.  It's been great!  They'll be up on etsy as soon as we get our camera up and running.

Yesterday was super busy for us.  Constructed a pattern for 5 sizes of soakers and a one size fits all fleece and or wool AIO diaper, cut out material for about 20 soakers, 5 mama cloths and 4 nursing pads.  I still have about 15 soakers to cut out today plus I need to sew those 35 and the other 25 I made on Wednesday.  Plus seam repair for Mike and Matt's favorite pants that both have big seam issues.  Lots of work to do.

Our cloth-eez organic diapers came in yesterday (YAY!)  We did 3 pre-washes, two dries, one clothesline dry and this morning I have to test absorbency and probably run them two or three more times.  Thankfully, it's delightfully sunny and windy out today. 

Other asstd. things we did yesterday:  finished writing two songs for the cd  (words for one, music for another), set up the cradle in the band room, transplanted pepper plants, started germination for a bunch of new seeds, fed the sourdough starter, made mayonnaise.

A book we had ordered finally came.  The author is Tom Brown and he writes survival books but has the best transcendentalist type advice all throughout them.  It's really useful and incredible writing.  This one was a guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants.  He's our new favorite author at this moment.

We ordered a camera charger yesterday, so we'll have some good pictures up soon.  Back to cutting up!

~Update~  **Here's some photos**

Diapers, accessories, diaper-making in the process and the new/old rocker:

 Baby Seedlings and Garden:

Write them on the doorposts...

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