Sunday, June 20, 2010

Engaged AND Married!

The baby is engaged, officially.  On Thursday night I slept really great.  On Friday, I felt as if my belly was really more round than it had been.  My mom came by and said, did you drop?  After measuring my fundus, I realized I did a little, but maybe not the whole way.  On Friday night, I was up to go to the bathroom three times before 5 AM which is not normal by any means, normally I hold it until morning as I don't like sleepily stumbling to the bathroom.  We went to services on Saturday and I felt really happy, jovial and magical.  As soon as I walked into the room, Katie (the midwife) saw me and said she knew stuff was happening because of my energy.  So after services, and three more potty breaks, we went over to her house and she confirmed that we did drop and the baby is engaged.  Locked and loaded.  Instead of laying on it's side kind of curled around in my belly like it has been for months, it's pointed straight down, back lined up along my belly button, chin tucked to chest and ready to go.  Katie said we're "soft and ripe".  She predicts within one or two weeks we'll go into labor.

Last night we had these really amazing contractions, quite beautiful feeling.  I sewed four diaper soakers.  Today I'm back at it again, sewing probably all day.  Did some weeding and watering in the garden this morning.  We have all that we need for the baby to be born, love, patience, diapers, covers, clothes, kindness, gentleness, self control, etc. 

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