Thursday, August 12, 2010

Staphylococcus Aureus

So I spoke with my local La Leche League representative today (a lactation consultant.)  After hearing my story, of the past 8 weeks of my life, I have been diagnosed with a staphylococcus aureus induced mastitis and thrush.  I most likely picked up the bacteria from the hospital while visiting Janet.  This would explain why the antibiotics didn't work.  It's a much more severe form of mastitis than the normal kind.  Hospital grade.  Women who give birth in the hospital are susceptible to getting contaminated with the bacteria.  One of the reasons I chose to give birth at home.  I never got a staph infection in my house!  I guess there was another plan. Thankfully, the mastitis is totally gone, for the first time since I contracted it.  My milk turned normal two days ago.  No sign of it.  It's gone.  Yay!  It took over 6 weeks.  However, I have thrush in the milk ducts on my right side and it's very painful.  This is the reason my nipple won't heal from the cracks and why it burns and is swollen.  This is why I haven't been breastfeeding on that side.  I've been pumping exclusively for over a week.  Now the adventure starts.  We're getting a prescription of Diflucan either Sunday or Monday.  This will kill the thrush.  Naomi must be treated too.  It will take at least 4-5 weeks on the prescription.  Please pray that I heal quickly.  These last 8 weeks have been tough, but incredible.  Faith building, love building, endurance and patience building...  And I have a GORGEOUS little baby, a great supportive husband/best friend and wonderful siblings and parents who delight in helping me out. 

So I really can't complain.
Peace and love,

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