Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketches of Today

The weekend went very well.  Naomi was weighed by our wonderful midwife and came in at 9 3/4 lbs.  She has started to giggle very small giggles every so often.  It's adorable.  Mike is in the living room reading to her.  Today we were reading Alice In Wonderland.  She loved it.  Fell asleep.  As always.  The other day she got her first booger.  It was so very exciting!

I was doing well enough to go to services on Saturday and spend some great time with friends and family.  I played bass and Mike played drums.  Matt held Naomi and then my mom took over when she arrived.  It was a grand time.  The times are so very exciting.  Tonight we had liver and onions.  My iron is probably way low and we're trying to get it back up. So Milk Stouts to help assimilate it and the liver to help get it into the blood stream.  I've had some issues with passing out lately when I stand up too fast.  This isn't really a new thing.  I've had this since I was very young, but when my activity levels and diet were really great, I didn't experience it at all.  So we're trying to get fully recovered from all the infections and the labor.

I hear there's supposed to be a pretty impressive meteor shower coming up the next few days.  Anyone want to head up to Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park?

Well I must go tend to the baby.
Love and lynays,
Grace, Mike and Naomi

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