Friday, July 30, 2010

New Pendants!

So, after 3 days of solid effort we have 16 new pendants ready for sale. The torch was lit for at least 20 hours over the span of 2 days. Matt did some really cool pendants! We drained all but an entire 2500 lb. bottle of oxygen. It was a lot of fun and it was great working from home. I could walk up stairs and kiss my beautiful wife and precious baby. This is my idea of a dream job. Not that you could call it that. Glass is so much fun to work with. The intense heat, fire, and light captivates me as it pours out of the molten medium. The flow of molten glass can be quite hypnotizing. Officially addicted to melting glass!

 I am very excited to say that Grace  is getting back to knitting. She loves to work with her hands and she is great at it. She is still in recovery from giving birth and is starting to get back to her normal self. We need prayers for continued strength and perseverance.

I took a break while writing this to deliver the pendants to a friend of mine who is going to sell them at an art show. Before I left the driveway I ran into another friend who wanted one. So, we are down to 15 necklaces for sale. We will see how many find new homes this weekend.

With Love,

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