Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9 lbs and Counting


Naomi's First Hike to get Spring Water

On Monday when I weighed Naomi, she was exactly 9 lbs.  We don't have our camera since it broke, so these were all taken on the phone.  Should be back up and running in a bit. 

Started knitting again today, started crocheting again yesterday.  Mike and Matt are making beads and pendants for an art show this weekend.  Tomorrow we will be constructing macrame hemp necklaces with the glass stuff they perfected.  Yay!  Pictures will be posted when they're done. 

We live in a camper now in the back of Jack's house so that we're around to help with the business and the boys.  Feels kind of like a reality tv show.  Ha ha.  I had another flare up of Mastitis on Friday, fever and all.  We got rid of it with some great herbal ointments that I got from a friend.  The Mastitis is gone now, way quicker than with the antibiotics.  Breastfeeding is getting better.  After two bouts of Mastitis and a lot of pain and discomfort, getting bit and having a feisty baby, we're finally learning.  I say we because I had as much to learn as she, but she's really stubborn sometimes. 

Until next time,
Peace to all, and lynays
...As Yourself...

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