Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Our monkey is getting chunky!  She's so big, it's hard to believe.  We measured Naomi today and she is 23" long, and probably 13 lbs!  The day after my last blog entry, I got blisters...couldn't feed from the pain for two days.  Then I started feeding again, but with pain.  Finally, after this long time and lots of careful healing treatments, this morning when I went to hook up Naomi for her first daily feeding, my face was squished anticipating the pain, and something happened, but no pain came.  I looked down to see what was going on, and sure enough, she was latched on and I didn't feel pain!!!!  AHHH!!! What a huge blessing.  Yahweh has seen fit to heal us.  I actually fell asleep after putting her on, woke up twenty minutes later and she was finishing eating.  Then I woke up ten minutes after that and in her and my sleep, she found her way back to eating and I didn't even feel it!  Halleluyah!  Today, feeding has been a breeze.  I am so in love with my little daughter and can not wait to feed her again.  It is a blessing, and a joy.  Hopefully, no more setbacks.  :)  And no more delaying feedings because of the pain!

Last week, I came down with two plugged ducts again, but we acted really fast for three days and they're completely gone.  I feel very very healthy.  Naomi will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday, and Yahweh willing, we'll be in zero pain by then.  I actually see it as a possibility.  Only 12 weeks of pain, to experience bliss.  It was worth all the tears!!!

Naomi has an affinity for stinkbugs.  We walked to the park and found an albino stinkbug.  She was in the sling on Mike's chest.  The stinkbug was crawling up his arm.  Her arm was flailing all around it, and all of a sudden, she takes one finger and pushes it right down onto the stinkbug's back.  Thankfully, it didn't die.  Just injured, unfortunately.  But then yesterday, while on a search for a wild grape vine, a stinkbug kept flying around Mike's head.  He swatted it away a few times and noticed it was not there anymore, he looked down, and IN HER HAND, was the stinkbug.  She caught it in mid air and was holding onto it.  When he pried her hand open, it flew away.  I couldn't believe my eyes!

Pictures coming soon of our first camp-out with Naomi at Knoebles in the van, our trip to Centrailia, and her chunky little self...I don't have the connector for the computer right now.  Will have to wait. 

Love you all, couldn't wait to give you a short update. 

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  1. Tilly is catching up!!! Janna is 14 lbs 25 1/2 inches ! lol