Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Already

So far, it has rained almost every day of October and the forecast puts us in for rain again tomorrow.  Maybe we'll get some sun on Thursday!  :)  The last few weeks have been really great for us.  We've had lots of work to keep our hands busy.  Naomi is over 14 lbs.  We got to go rock climbing for the first time (pictures below, of course).  Naomi went camping twice and started to live in our home out in the back yard (the tent).  She got to go to the feast with us too, but wasn't too keen on so many people wanting to hold her.  Now she has her first cold.  It's not too bad, she's still the same old Naomi, just with congestion. Abby has been very protective of her, sleeping and staying in the same room as Naomi and I at all times.  She whimpers and howls if we shut her out.

Congratulations to Alex & Kate on their new baby girl, Lindsay!!!
Congratulations to Ez & Roz on their new baby boy, Zephaniah!!!
Congratulations to Jay & Carrie on their not so new baby boy, Levi!!!

Lots of babies, and more to come!

Here are all those pictures I promised almost a month ago, sorry!
Van Camping:
 Camping at Knoebels
 Naomi at the Pub with Mike and I

 Naomi's first trip up Governor Dick

 Abbie protecting Naomi
 Little Mike making a volcano
 Dave found this spider in his bathroom (don't worry mom, it's dead)
 :::::::::::::::::::Oldies from our camera that we just got back from Best Buy:::::::::::::::::::

 The last two weeks from our camera:
 Matt puts her to sleep all the time!

Miss Jane's Version of  Rock Climbing:
 Papas version of rock climbing the 98 foot wall ( I went up too, but we didn't get a photo of me):

 Mike, Abby and Naomi

 Big Mike, Little Mike and Naomi
 Gazing into the distance.


  1. I SOOOOOO LOVE IT!!!!! :-)Tilly is getting sooooo big!

  2. Wow, such awesome pics!! I miss you guys so much already!! xoxoxoxoxo