Monday, October 18, 2010


The first day of this week found us sleeping under the stars near Gettysburg.  Mike, Naomi and I were all cuddled together in the back of the van.  Sitting in a beautiful dark valley.  The sun rose.  We spent the day bouldering on the battlefields.
The next day we spent around Mt Joy sewing, playing music and recording our cd.
On the third day, we drove up to Sunbury (2 hrs one way) for a meeting with Lee, our CPA for the business.  On the road at 6:30 AM and home by 7 PM with other chores we needed to do.
On the fourth day, we drove to Scranton (2 hrs one way) to drop off Matt for his servitude to my sister while she heals from her foot surgery.  Got home at 9:30 PM.
On the fifth day, we can not remember.  Here's a picture instead.

On the sixth day, we worked around the office in Smoketown.  Had a diaper stomping in the tub (washed them).  Chris and Becky and the kids stayed for dinner.  We had a HUGE pot of spaghetti.  It was like the 5 loaves of bread!  I didn't think it would feed 12 people, and there was over 1/2 left!  He works mysteriously.

On the seventh day, we rested.  My mom napped.  Kenny and Kim came over to visit for a few hours with Kaitlynn.  It was a peaceful, fun time.  Then we walked around the park, climbed trees and tried to monkey jump.  The sun set.  Naomi went to sleep exactly when the sun fell below the horizon.

Today, we had another day.  Knitting, playing with Naomi, recording 'Into the Sky,' eating food that we are blessed to have.  Spending time with Dave.  Now we're back and planning to crash on the floor again.  It's our new favorite place and way to sleep.

Looking forward to seeing what and if another day brings us.
Peace, love, lynay-s
M!ke, Grace & Naom!

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