Saturday, October 23, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!!!

1.  Pendants are FINALLY up on etsy.  Check it out by clicking our banner above...  they are in high demand, so get yours quick.

2. is up and running.  You no longer have to type in  It's simpler for all the fine folk checking the blog. 
3.  We arrived home very safe from the City of Brotherly Love.  Thanks to Peter, our new friend and brother who is on a road trip from California.  He gave us a ride home and we had a little impromptu jam session.  It was a good time, Peter.  Hope you liked the couch.  It's rather comfortable, we think.
Many many thanks.  Keep up the good work and have safe travels.  You'll be in our prayers.
Here are some pictures of our good friend Dimitri's mural in the making...

4.  Naomi is a squealer since about 3 days ago.  She just screams and squeals away, talking it up.  She's very vocal!
5.  The more coffee, the more exclamation marks!!

As always,
in peace & love

P.S.  What a beautiful moon and feast we had today.  Thank you Father!

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