Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Velvet Shirts

I remember a time, when I was about 11-12 years old when I, for some reason, loved velvet shirts.  I had a few and wore them often.  There was a silver velvet short-sleeved turtle neck, a green velvet short-sleeved one and two purple velvet short sleeved shirts.  They were soft and breathable.  Eventually, they faded, in my mind, from their status in cool-dom.  So they got tossed, or cut up, or given to Goodwill.  Can't remember which.

Naomi just cut her 4th tooth, as we struggled with her ear infection over the weekend.  She had a temperature of 103 for 3 days.  We gave her White Willow Extract when we felt she needed a break from it (to sleep).  On Saturday night we took her to Ephrata Co. Hospital and they diagnosed the ear infection.  That is a great hospital.  She's doing great.  Totally healed and back to normal again.  A good sitter, a proficient giggler, smiler and cutie poo.  She is very vocal, so we are trying not to speak in baby talk so that her talking skills can develop properly...its SO HARD.  She's my pookie-tookie!!!  If Mike still gets to speak to her in his rugged Mexican accent, I get to talk baby.

Lots of stuff going on lately.  The door knocker gets used often.  We are learning to renew ourselves in Messiah every moment, it's necessary.  Normal life can handle a once a week service visit, but here, we feel like we should always be focused.  And it's hard to focus on amidst the storm, but if we don't focus on cultivating righteousness, seeds of doubt, fear, confusion are planted and grow so fast.  As a snowball.  But it has been amazing and we find ourselves renewed constantly.

Praise be to the father!

Reading a lot of R.W. Emerson right now.  His poetry is so beautiful.  Also, A.W. Tozer, and of course, the Scriptures.  Mike is reading Psycho Cybernetics.  I am still paging through my ancient Rome section of the Great Sea Stories of All Time.  SWEET BOOK.  Since I'm nautically obsessed right now.

All of life, it's intensities and hardships, its sweet moments and blessings, are all a limited phase as was my velvet shirt crush.  At the time, you see no end, but just a short time passes, and it seems forever ago. So goes life.  We need to remember.

Working hard, worshipping the Father, loving life.



  1. maybe the next post could include pics of that beautiful little girl...kaitlyns trying to remember what her bff looks like! :)

  2. Janna has mastered the rolling from place to place and now throws herself backwards when ever sat up... lol Can't roll when sitting! :-) Bring Tilly up here in 2 weeks and we can get some cousin time on film!... And isn't it awesome how Yahweh has given man the ability to make a medicine that works so wonderously as antibiotics!(to be used sparingly of course) Especially when it comes to our kids!