Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorwork and An Anonymous Heirloom Momento

I just started knitting a little pouch for Mike and am experimenting with color-work.  We'll see how I do.  Here's the beginning:

 I'll show my progress in later posts.

The yarn was bought (insanely cheap) from an elderly lady who was getting rid of her stash due to down-scaling from a house to an apartment.  I also got some fabric and crochet thread as well.  It was a steal, but I had an awesome time hanging out with her.  And all of the materials are in fabulous 1970s designs and colors!

While in her kitchen, she showed me a doilie that her mother-in-law knitted for her.  It was beautiful, with an browning antiqued fade and yes, I said knitted.  The work was so exact and detailed with things and techniques I've never seen before.  She seemed thrilled to show someone who cared.  I looked to my left and hanging on a cabinet knob was a gorgeous white (antique faded) silk wedding dress.  It was obviously from an era that even my parents didn't see the light of.  She was much older than my grandparents.

I asked if it was her wedding dress.  She said yes.  I could almost see her eyes light up.  It was very old fashioned and elegant (think Jackie O) with a fully enclosed chest and a short turtle neck.  The sleeves were long, piqued to the middle finger and had a row of six satin buttons on the wrist of each.  The dress hung to the ground and had a three or four foot long silk train bustled to the hanger.  I imagined her younger self, filling up the dress with excitement on her wedding day and her husbands lost breath at the sight of such beauty.

She told me she would offer it to the grandchildren.  If they didn't want it, it was going to goodwill. Someone would buy an anonymous heirloom.

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