Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nonetheless Confusing

Naomi loves to eat.  Yesterday, la-la took us out for lunch and for the first time ever, Naomi opened her mouth and spit out something I gave her.  Until now, she eats anything.  Hot, cold, spicy, bland, anything.  Her favorite foods are tuna, salmon, beets, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken, ice cream, etc etc.  She loves to drink from a glass but don't try to give her a sippie cup.  She'll have no part in that.  When we went and visited with Grandma and Levi, Naomi b-lined it for him when he started drinking from his bottle.  She was trying to take the bottle!  I have tried to give her a bottle, but she won't drink out of it.  It was very cute nonetheless confusing. See her squeezing his skin???  She was shaking vigorously too.  And smiling.

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  1. i LOVE all the pictures! it was so great seeing you guys! thanks for sharing!