Sunday, January 8, 2012

Features of the Week

I'm going to post a few entries today on different topics because the road is not kind to blogging: or I haven't worked it into the schedule yet.  I know it's possible and easy as sitting in a McDonald's parking lot, but who wants to sit in a McDonald's parking lot?  Eww.  It makes me feel greasy.  I'm going to start a few new weekly blog series'. 

1.  Site Stash:  A featured website full of beautiful, interesting or captivating information.  Something we hope you'll check out and glean from.  We may not always agree with everything on the website, but if there's a good core message and it's pleasing to the eye, we like to share! 

2.  Making Musical Memories:  A featured artist, song or piece of information on music.  As above, this may just be beautiful, uplifting, pleasing, or informative and we may not agree with all, but have gleaned something helpful and will often share the impact it has had on us. 

I hope you guys enjoy these, look for the first two posts of the series SOON.  Really soon.  I mean in a few minutes.  As fast as I can type.  :) 

Much love

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