Sunday, January 8, 2012

Site Stash: Week 1

Thanks to 1.  Sheephill Herbs for helping me to look at Mountain Rose Herbs' website for the giveaways going on right now, and 2.  Mountain Rose Herbs for sharing this website with me:

We love creative ways to live life, share love and reach out to others.  Here is a group that seems to do that through a warm and comforting means:  TEA.  Tea is a staple in our lives.  It is healthful, invigorating and brings people together.  Here is a little something from the website: 

"The Free Tea Party offers an alternative to, and a balance for, self-centered philosophies often fostered by our society. This alternative is based on the "gift economy," or the idea that goods and services can be given without anything required in return. We believe that selfishness should be balanced out by selflessness.
- We also practice the principles of permaculture, nonviolent conflict resolution, and consensus decision-making.
- Although we are non-partisan, we support people, movements, and politicians who strive for positive socio-environmental change."

I like what I'm hearing here.  While we may not agree on everything, this is what it's about.  Going out, meeting people, sharing ideas, gleaning and focusing on what bonds us, not what divides us.  Too bad they're on the west coast.  This would be fun to be involved in!

Hope you liked post #1 of our Site Stash.  Keep posted (he he, blog pun) for more.  Let us know if you like this type of information sharing, too.  We value commentary.  

Until next time, enjoy a cup of fresh organic tea in silence today and think of our deep bond with the force of light that fills us if we allow it to.  

Peace, love, lynays 

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