Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making Musical Memories

The term Musical Memories came to me one day about a year ago while meditating with Yah. It expressed how songs are written, at least by my hand.  The line in the song that came that day was "When a musical memory falls from the sky..."  A lot of music feels divinely inspired because beauty is so great and overwhelming within it, calling to the innermost parts of my soul.  I don't feel that my body can contain it.  It is something not physical, not of this realm, that we have as a gift from the creator of light and love.  In fact, he is in essence, all light and love.  I see those things in the music we'll be featuring in the Making Musical Memories feature.  This will be a weekly segment and I hope you like it.  This week's Musical Memory is:

The Head and The Heart

We started to listen to this band  a few months ago and I can't help but have their songs in my head at the most opportune times.  They have really good vibes and are a treat to hear.  Here is a statement from a song on their self-titled album The Head and The Heart by The Head and The Heart.   

The song below is the first I heard from this band and I was hooked.  It makes me sympathize with substance abuse issues.  Not just drugs or alcohol, anything that has become an idol in someone's life that interrupts their abilities to bond with family, friends, true peaceful experiences and love (the definition being the fruits of the spirit in my mind: love = joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness, meekness, self-control = love).  

SongTitle: Down in the Valley : "...l-rd have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways. Call it one drink too many, call it pride of a man.  It don't make no difference if you sit or you stand, cause they both end in trouble and start .it.  do it over and over and over again.  I know there's California, Oklahoma, and all of the places I ain't ever been to, but down in the valley with whiskey rivers, these are the places you will find me hiding, these are the places I will always go.  I am on my way, I am on my way...back to where I started..."

The songs are written well with timely soft but powerful transitions and wrenching instrumental and vocal melodies and harmonies both. 

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