Monday, February 27, 2012

Song Stash: Elizabeth Mitchell

We love to dance as a family.  Here is an artist that we found when Naomi was just a few months old and still listen to a lot.  Naomi really loves her music and it's enjoyable for us too.  Among Jerry Garcia and David Grisman's "Not Just For Kids" Album, is Elizabeth's "You Are My Little Bird" 
Her name is:  Elizabeth Mitchell

The Website To Check Out:  You Are My Flower

Her songs are sweet and fun with a lot of folk and great deliverance. 

We love Elizabeth Mitchell!  Hope you do too.  Here is another video, just for fun!  In case you didn't realize it, Spring definitely seems to be here.  We walked through a meadow yesterday with plants sprouting and budding all around.  The onion grass was sweet and sun was a bright warming sphere.

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